Field Sampling and Laboratory Testing

In the course of our evaluations we frequently collect data and samples of the material at the sites. As part of our analyses, we routinely provide the following field sampling capabilities:

  • Field classification and description of soils conforming to ASTM D-2488-09a
  • Split barrel sampling conforming to ASTM D-1586-08a and D-1587-08
  • Thick wall, ring-lined, split barrel sampling conforming to ASTM D-3550-01
  • Advancement of soil borings and sampling equipment with hand samplers, truck-mounted drills and hollow stem augers, and limited-access drilling equipment
  • Sand cone testing for measuring the in-place moist density of soils
  • Moisture domes to test the vapor transmission rate through concrete

Laboratory testing services that we provide include:

  • Determination of water content, ASTM D-2216
  • Sieve Analysis, ASTM D421
  • Atterberg Limits, ATM D-4318 and ASTM D-427
  • Standard Proctor Compaction, ASTM D-698
  • Modified Proctor Compaction, ASTM D-1557
  • Consolidation, ASTM D-2435

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